Luengo alcalde del Ayuntamiento de San Javier toma medidas extremas ante la situación sanitaria causado por COVID-19. Video entero dentro de la noticia.

📺 Informe COVID-19 San Javier 26/03/2020 | José Miguel Luengo Alcalde de San Javier

English translate below.📺 Informe COVID-19 San Javier 26/03/2020Hoy acompaña a José Miguel Luengo, alcalde de San Javier, David Martínez, concejal de Cultura y Educación y Héctor Verdú, concejal de Hacienda y Comercio.Se trata un anuncio importante en cuanto a medidas económicas que van a tomar en San Javier debido a la actual situación con el COVID-19.Dale al play ▶#SanJavier #QuédateEnCasa English translate:MAYOR: “We are going to announce the economic measures for this extraordinary situation. They are exceptional since they represent an effort for the San Javier City Hall. We will present them in the next plenary session in April. All the opposition groups have submitted proposals and I appreciate it. They include the suspension of the International Folklore Festival, the Imagina youth art festival, the Hot Rally festival, the Francisco Rubio amateur theater competition, and also the first Air Week. In the next few days we will inform about the probable suspension of the music and dance theater festival that has 50 uninterrupted editions, as well as the International Jazz Festival that was declared National Tourist Interest 2 years ago.Today, because of the health circumstances, the City Council's job is to try to alleviate the economic situation that we are going to suffer. If the health situation improves by summer, it will be easier to contract specific events by the City Council than the management of the organization of festivals whose quality we cannot guarantee at the moment.We do not know the conditions that will be presented in summer, such as what type of events may be held, the capacity allowed…. For this reason we want to direct all our efforts at the moment to reduce the tax burden on the families and companies of San Javier.The councilor for finance is going to list the 10 economic measures that include the suspension of the mentioned festivals.”HECTOR VERDÚ:“-100% discount of the tax for tables and chairs on the terraces of cafes during the whole 2020 year. In case it has already been paid, ask for refund.-Tax of the access for vehicles to garages from public roads and pavements : Extension of the deadline from 27th of april to 30th of june.-Not to tax the rubbish collecting in the whole 2020 year, as it was planned from the 1st of May.-The administrative permission, the kiosks and cafes should ask for the refund of the proportional part of the payment which corresponds with the alarm period, that is from the 14th of March.-The refund of the proportional part of taxes which corresponds with the alarm period regarding sports, cultura activities, conservatoire and music school.-The refund of the proportional part of tax for the stands on street markets in El Mirador, San Javier, La Ribera and La Manga during the state of alarm.-The town council will not update the increase of the price of water of 2019 year. It will be paid by the town council. -Eases for the applications of division and postponement for taxes payement.-Speed in paying the providers of the town council in order to create liquidity in the companies.”MAYOR: “These measures do not put at risk any service that the City Council is providing. I think that the situation requires these extraordinary measures, although the suspension of the cultural offer that the Councilor for Culture will explain to us hurts.”DAVID MARTINEZ: “in the 18th century in Venice it was said that the time when the carnival was not celebrated was used to prepare the next one. And that we are going to do despite the pain of this decision.We are going to try to organize specific events in order to promote the economic activity of the municipality since the cultural offer is a complement to our beaches, gastronomy or sports, in the summer season.We believe that we will also have to suspend the music, dance and theater festival because some of the international companies that were planning to participate have already notified us the cancellation of their tour.Please stay at home. ”MAYOR: “Finally, I want to tell you that I have contacted the nursing home Lozar, in Pozo Aledo and they are all well. Therefore, in the 4 nursing homes in San Javier there is no contagious cases among the almost 300 people (residents and health workers).”

Posted by Ayuntamiento de San Javier on Thursday, March 26, 2020